Photo: Bryan Soderlind

Location: Grubb’s House (R.I.P.)
Date: 12/16/08
Trick: Backside Noseslide

This spot made many a keyboard damp with saliva as wakeskaters from all over came to Water Monsters and drooled over the footage from this flatbar. Andy in particularly did so many variations of noseslides it’s been hard to keep track. This day in particular I dropped off two 6x10ft mirrors with the help of my friend Matt Hudson the night before.  He had big scrap mirror pieces at his place of work and I thought they would be awesome to bounce light around. The shots all came out pretty cool as Andy looked like he was getting flashed with some high powered strobes.  A month or so later this rail was ripped out by city officials unaware of its significance to the sport of wakeskating. What better spot to immortalize with a cover on this Memorial Day?