Date: June 6th, 2009
Location: Wall91 (SoCal)
Temp: Air 80+ Water low 70s
Winch driver: Brandon Rau
Winch: Agent Orange

The last time Frye was in SoCal, he had a cast on his arm and couldn't ride.  I'd planned then on spending time shooting him….come on, who doesn't want to SHOOT Frye?  This time was a total surprise.  Apparently he had a couple day layover on his way home from the Philippines.  I get the call that he is in town and wants to hit this wall.  Of all the times for Frye to call me, this one was the best and the worst.  Best because my wife and kids were out of town for the weekend. Worst, because we'd just sold my truck, so I was home for the weekend without wheels, probably for the first time since before cable television.  Luckily, my parents are near and i was able to borrow their minivan to make the hour plus long trip.

I met up with Frye and the others.  Frye told me he got swine flu in the Philippines.  Nice.  When we got to the wall and scoped it out, I could immediately see a half dozen good spots to shoot from.  This shot came from early on in the session.  I started shooting from a higher vantage point and worked my way down to the water.  I really liked the angle from below, giving good scale to the size of the wall.  The unique concrete pedestals give character to the location and I pulled the shot back to put them in the foreground.   Of course, Frye (and his hair) did the rest.