Photo: Kyle McCutcheon

Date: May 7, 2009
Trick: Frontboard
Location: World Wakeboard Center

Just another normal day in the world of YCJ (if you don’t know what that stands for don’t worry you can’t afford it.) This day happened to be out at WWC and of course started out with a little screwdriver action (to get the Mud Diver started, works every time.) Next we moved onto the dirtbike (3 guys sprinting behind a 100cc hog) and finally it was into the water. Matt and Reed were getting ready for Toe Jam and I realized the sun was perfectly behind them on the rail. All the credit goes to Matt and Reed because there’s no one easier to photograph when it comes to wakeskating. All I had to do was tuck myself under the rail, adjust the kelvin setting on the camera and go to work. The day concluded with some good ole home-made hamburgers and the 10 millionth episode of COPS featuring me Matt and Reed sprinting 200 yards across an open field and through the woods to get away from the uniforms.