Photo: Garrett Cortese

Date: June 8, 2009

Location: Correct Craft Complex

Trick: Shifty

Florida is notorious for its afternoon thunderstorms in the summer months. So while I wasn’t too excited to be shooting from the boat during part of the Toe Jam boat competition, I knew when the dark clouds started rolling in I might be able to get a cool-looking shot. The storm was brewing just to the north of the contest site, so while we were still seeing some sun, the sky in the background was quickly turning black and some lightning flashes could be seen. Rather than zoom in close on Nick and get a close up shot of the action, I decided to pull back some and show the darkening sky and the contrast in lighting. I framed up the shot I wanted and when Nick came into frame I snapped this picture. Fortunately he did a nice little backside shifty to help make the picture look cool. His bright tan doesn’t hurt either.