Photo: Meka

Date: April 16, 2009
Trick: Stylish Poke
Location: a little duck pond in Nanaimo, BC
Temp: it was an overcast day about +5
Winch Driver: Steven Champion

Tanner had been away for 3 months riding in the Philippines, so when i picked him up at the airport, we felt it was time to get back to it. i had a business luncheon to attend on the island not far from his house this day, and we decided we’d go and shoot some photos afterwards.

We went to check out the lake where we had access to a boat and a sea doo. But we got there and it was windy as anything and the lake was far too bumpy to get anything done. We went to check out a few favorite local winch spots, only to find that most of them were just not happening that day. Tanner then made a joke and said “let’s go ride the duck pond, it’s only about a foot deep so it wont be that cold, and I’m sure we can find something to ride there…”

We got there and it was nothing but weeds and duck poop everywhere. There was a big log and a stump sitting in the middle of the pond, and that became our fun for the afternoon. It reminded me of good old days of going skateboarding in the city trying to find anything you could to ollie over and make a day of it. It was really cool to take wakeskating to a spot and just make something of it.