Photo: Bryan Swarm

Date: June 22, 2008

Trick: Backside 180 out of the trough

Location: Highway 99 Gap, Portland, OR

Right after the Tige Pro/Am in Portland was over, Zak Stone, Reed Hansen and myself jumped into Zak’s navigator to go winch. The destination was the highway 99 gap, and luckily it was a beautiful Oregon day! I had just got a new 580ex flash and was still learning how to use it, so Reed and I were exchanging tips on photography before riding. I am used to having a few chances to get things right while the rider is figuring out the spot, but not so with Reed!  He proceeded to the gap and pulled this backside 180 out of the trough and over the falls first try. And of course my flash misfired, but a little arsty black and white effect was just the ticket to save this shot!