Reed Hansen is not afraid of a little cold water. Plus he looks good in a full suit. Back Lip. Photo: Alija Bos

Out in Cali, a little rain has freaked out the locals but made for good winching. Brandon Rau. Wall Ride Shuv. Photo: RJ Flake

“Nick Taylor, what can I say about Nick that hasn’t been said?  He is very tan, very friendly, and absolutely destroys it on a skate!  This is one shot from my trip to CWC.  All the photographers, and videoographers got time in the Helicopter.  I was up trying to get shots of Nick Davies for Hyperlite when through the corner of my eye I saw Nick Taylor coming down the cable. I pointed my camera his way and got this shot,” Riley Bangerter.
CWC Phillipines

Be careful in the grass down south. There are bugs everywhere. Matt Hooker. Ollie. Photo: Sawyer Davis