Have you checked out the new issue of Alliance yet? It's got Reed Hansen kickflipping on the cover. But that's not the only reason you should get it. Inside you'll find the CWB poster Stu is holding on to. And with that, you can win yourself some goodies. CWB is having a myspace contest and you should enter! Here are the details straight from the horses Myspace."

"Pull out the fold out and take a funny, rad, wakeboarding, or whatever picture of yourself with the ACTUAL ALLIANCE POSTER and post it to our comments!!!! At the end of the month Justin and I will pick the winner.

We will hook you up with CWB softgoods! Do it!

2 – Tees
Die Cuts
Proline Handle"

Since we don't want you to have to work too hard, here's a link to CWB's Myspace page. If you are not already friends with them, get on it.


Oh yeah, and when you see the poster you'll probably wonder how they did that. Well, you can see the making of on the latest episode of CWB_TV here.