As most of you know, this is the second year for Nike’s Retention. Last year’s event was hands down the biggest step in competitive wakeskating the world has ever seen. The level of riding has gone crazy since last year’s Retention and this year’s was just proof that wakeskating contests can once again cultivate true progression. Joining The Wakeskate Tour this year, Retention had an even bigger impact on wakeskating’s future and for all of the professional riders involved.


Reed Hansen warming up for the first ever backside big flip in competition.


Nikeʼs Retention once again proved that combining the highest level of wakeskating and the camping vibes brought to us by free spirit/Team Rider/property owner Ben Horan would create an amazing setting to showcase our sport. People of all skill levels, hardcore fans, and excited locals showed up to Retention in RVs, VW vans, and cars filled with camping gear ready to pitch tents and spend their nights around a campfire enjoying the company of other like-minded wakeskaters. Weʼve been to countless events around the world and there is no other like Retention. The Horan Family and the Remote Wakeskates team make the site and the “campground” everything it can be and one of the best experiences for anyone who shows up, whether it’s the seasoned pro wakeskater or the newest fan to the sport. It really is one of the best events in the history of wake.


All weekend long baby…
After Stop #1 of The Wakeskate Tour, Austin Pastura led the pack followed by Ben Horan, Andrew Pastura, Nick Taylor, Danny Hampson, and Reed Hansen. To secure a solid spot in the rankings, all of these riders knew they needed to stay consistent to be on top at the end of the year. The main event was insane once again- the best riding weʼve ever seen in wakeskating. Some of the lines that were knocked out in the quarter- finals would have won a contest just a few years ago. After finishing sixth at Stop #1, Reed Hansen was clearly not going to let that happen again. Riding consistent all day long and dropping the first ever backside bigflip in contest, Reed took the top spot on the podium. Ben Horan won the top spot at last year’s Retention and a second place finish at Stop #2 proved heʼs out to take the whole tour this year. Following Reed and Ben was Stop #1ʼs winner, Austin Pastura. Rounding out the Finals were George Daniels, Andrew Pastura, and making a breakthrough into the finals was the very- talked-about-right-now Nick Robinson.



The Women are stepping it up in wakeskating as well this year. It’s great to see them out there charging big drops and just getting more involved in the sport. Once again Jen Gilanfar took the podium with a shove down the drop and a backside 180! following her was Cassandra Scott, and in a three way tie for third we had Brittany Fletcher, Krista Burns, and Jen Hettler.


Ben Horan feeling right at home on the cement ledges.


Once again Retention lived up to it’s legend with good vibes and unbelievable riding, and Nike stepped up their game to make it all happen. Check back to for the overall Tour leaders and upcoming stops. We’re excited to invite everyone to Stop #3 of The Wakeskate Tour- “Battle Falls” in Groveland Florida on June 28th – June 30th.


We would like to thank Nike, Remote Wakeskates and Rockstar Energy Drink for making Retention an amazing event. The Horan family is once again the most gracious hosts anyone could ever ask for.
-The Wakeskate Tour

1st Place – Reed Hansen. 2nd Place – Ben Horan. 3rd Place – Austin Pastura.