As I've said before, snowboarding is where I got my start, and still something i cover and follow closely. Recently in snowboarding there has been a lot of talk about this "No Boarding" thing. At first I thought people were joking, honestly. But no, after a recent article in the New York Times, a video on Transworld Snowboarding, it seems people are seriously doing this.

But what I can't decide is if it's the coolest thing I've ever heard, or just plain retarded. I can't help laughing at the similarities to wakeskating, since the first line in the video is "it's like snowboarding, without bindings." But while wakeskating too had its skeptics, this doesn't seem as organic as cutting down wakeboards and riding them without bindings. There are already companies (ahem, Burton) making "no boarding kits." And since the boards have special traction pads, and a rope on the nose you must hold on to, it doesn't seem like the potential for tricks is quite the same. Or maybe it is. It just seems like a really good way to make yourself feel like a beginner again. And why wouldn't you just go snowboarding?

But since wakeskaters are a bunch of people who do something you used to have to be strapped in for unstrapped, I'm curious what the rest of the community thinks. Anyone else have any thoughts?