Yesterday I had to make the long and lonely drive from North Carolina all the way home to Orlando, Florida.  I think nearly everyone has made it before, and while it's not THAT bad, it's still pretty darn long.  But Orlando was blowing up as always, and Roland Lugo and Johnny Kerce called to inform me we were going winching, even though it was nearing 10pm.  Matt Hooker met up with us at Rolo's house where we scooped up the always reliable Walter the Winch, and headed down the street to a gap that is completely hittable even in the darkest hours of the night.  It's actually probably better like that, considering it's right off the road.  So sure enough, midnight rolled around and the gap shredding began.  The gap is right in the front of this apartment complex and lit up pretty well, so it's a good amount of fun to hit it at night, despite the less than perfect start up pool.  More proof you can wakeskate nearly anywhere these days, so go find some water under a street light and get your night session on!