photo by Chris Garrison


Last night was the world premiere of one of wakeskating’s most highly anticipated films to date, Noisia Vision. Produced Dieter Humpsch debuted the trailer for this movie last fall and wakeskaters have been shivering with anticipation in their soggy shoes and cut-off’s ever since. The trailer became wildly popular with close to half a million plays online due to it’s stacked line-up of athletes, Dieter’s creative camera rigs / angles, and one epic jam. To refresh your memory, do yourself a favor and click the play button below…Again, the teaser is only a taste of what the full length wakeskating film has to offer.



It was a HUGE night for Dieter who was proud to introduce the final product to the public in a small independent theatre right in the downtown of Winter Garden, FL. The theatre packed in tight with wakeskaters, wakeboarders, friends and fans for the 9 PMscreening. Celebrity Phil Soven even made it out for the special night. As the lights dimmed the crowd roared, and before we knew it we were shouting things like “what!?” and “How the f*%k!?”


Standout moments from the film include Kris Kallas’ section, Nick Taylor’s aggressive hairstyle, a crash section with more close calls with balls than a stripper on a holiday weekend, then there was Reed Hansen’s switch frontside 5 to backside 5 line, and oh so much more…Every skater in the video has their own section throughout the movie, and as each new face was introduced, the crowd roared with excitement. Reed Hansen closes out the movie with an epic 1-2 minute introduction followed by total destruction of the water, wakeskate standards, etc. Reed kicked us while we were down with the final trick of his section, which was a ________  360  ____   ______ . To fill in the blanks you’ll have to go download the flick.


Noisia Vision will be available for download exclusively on the Noisia Vision website for one week and then will be available on itunes and hard copy immediately following. Check their site later today for download as they are working to post it up as we type.