The new cinematic adventure by Oregon Trail Trash Productions will keep you glued to the couch for hours, literally. In production for the last four years Not What Cha Think is a full hour and 40 minutes of non-stop wakeskating, wakeboarding, longboarding, monster truck driving, frog catching, and firework exploding fun. The antics in the video are almost as common as the wakeskating and other board jazz that goes on in this flick. People get run over by cars, others crash into rocks and rails, and yeah, if you pause the movie right you can get a nice look at some blonde's buns.

Editor/Producer Zak Stone created a movie, “For kids with A.D.D. by a guy with A.D.D.” and at times it really shows. Some of the hour and 40 minutes of footage becomes mundane, even boring, but what two hour movie doesn’t? On the flip side the flick is packed with enough hot shot action to keep your attention. Not What Cha Think doesn’t follow the standard part, banger, part formula that most videos are known for. This movie is a hell ride full of ups and downs and other whacked out randomness including a banger closing part by Drew Daniello. That part alone makes the video worth your lunch money kids.

O.T.T.P kept those of you incapable of sitting still in mind by creating a feature in the dvd menu that can break down the video into two parts. This gives you three options, the full video, a montage video, or a part based video. Oh and there just might be a secret section in the bonus menu if you look hard enough.

This is the video you relax to, watch before riding, or during a long break from the water. CWB rider Stu Shinn liked the video because of the variety of riders and the amount of wakeskating footage Not What Cha Think offers. If Stu Shinn liked it shouldn’t you? Either way it’s really long and worth the money, watch it all at once, watch your favorite parts, or cut it up and watch a bit here and a bit there, whatever you do just watch it.

Not What 'Cha Think is premiering this weekend at the Standerd Book 2.2 release party in California. Can't make it? It will be available mid July through or