Sleepless in Manila

Sorry for the bad Tom Hanks movie reference, but I feel like I am living out his movies lately. I have been living in airports the last 2 days.  Six already and two more today when I wake up or make it downstairs and drink a red bull. Well so far that's 2 Tom Hanks movies. Let's just hope i don't crash and get stranded on an island on the next flight.  Jman already has the beard for the part, so I guess that would make me Wilson and I only take staring roles. So that's out. 

I am traveling With Josh Mcwilliams Brandon Parker and Russell Spencer to cover the world cable finals here in the Philippines for the Alliance fuel show Pull. The Gov always throws a nice event so this should be a good trip look for updates on There should be some good stories. Like the time I got Russell to go watch girl boxing with me ,or the time I convinced him that every girl in Manila was a lady of the night. Well stayed tuned I'm sure it will be good. These wakeskaters will believe anything!