What up Kallas, you not seeing Smashing Pumpkins right now with the rest of your roomates?

No, I’m not, Dieter and those guys got tickets awhile ago so I’m just chilling at the house with the dogs

How is it living over on Lake Holden at Dieter’s?

It’s really good, I’m riding a lot more, BT and Grubb’s place is only about ten minutes away too so I’m riding over there a lot too. It was cool living on Clear Lake with all the Aussie wakeboarders but I think this works out a lot better for me to be riding more.

I’ve been over at Grubb and BT’s lately and haven’t seen you over there, those guys were asking about you, what happened did you pop a tire on your bicycle?

(laughs) No the bike is working fine, I’m still taking it everywhere, Publix, Chik-fil-a, the gas station and over to their house. But yeah I haven’t been over there in a few weeks, been kind of just riding over here, its too hot to pedal over there. I need a car no doubt about that.

How long are you going to be in the States for?

Probably till October, I’m trying to film a bunch with Dieter and my buddy Josh for their upcoming film projects.

Are you going to do any contests?

Yeah I’m definitely going to do Toe Jam and I think I qualified for Worlds so I’ll do that too but that will probably be it.

I heard you got a boat sponsor, what’s up with that?

Trixsta tinnies! I met a guy at Australian Nationals who said they would design a wakeskate specific tinny. I’ve been riding behind tinnies my whole life so I was stoked. He called me about a month later and told me he had a prototype ready so I went and rode behind that before I came to the States. It was way better than I thought.

So do you have one?

I’ll have it when I get back to Australia, thats one reason I’m looking forward to going home for sure.

What is the name of the board you’ve been riding and how do you like it?

I love my board, I’ve been riding the Catalyst Urso, it’s perfect for me, the name “Urso” is actually the last name of one of Grubb and BT’s friends who died in Afghanistan not too long ago. I don’t think many people know that.

What trick have you been trying or most stoked on lately?

I’ve been getting really close to BS 540 bigger spins inside to out. I think I’ll have one soon, I’ve also been relearning hard flips. I’ve been riding with Dieter most of the time lately so we’ve actually been trying a lot of the same tricks and trying to teach each other how to do them.

Who’s your favorite person to watch ride?

That’s a tough one, I gotta say Grubb though. I’ll never forget watching him ride one day on the St. John’s River and riding at his best. The wake was huge and he was just boosting, I think he did every possible wake to wake trick with some kickflips, vflips, and shuvs on the lip mixed in there. I was blown away, he was just under control the whole time. I can’t really just pick one person though, I love watching Dieter, George, BT, Danny, and Su a lot too. Actually watching Brutus( Dieter’s dog) ride is the best!

Yeah I saw that video of Dieter taking him wakeskating, I don’t know how Brutus was so calm, anyways I was thinking about visiting Australia sometime soon, where is the best place to go?

The Gold Coast for sure, its where you’ll find the best waves and all the tourist stuff and the big cities. There are even some cable parks too, they just opened up a new one in Sydney that I can’t wait to check out.

I’m out of questions, let’s hear a good story

Let me think, well last night me and a few guys went over to Mitch Langfield’s house to watch Jeff Weatherall’s Firsthand on Fuel TV. We stopped at the store and got a few beers and on the way over saw a homeless guy begging for a change at a stoplight so we offered him a beer. He looked at us like we were crazy and threw the beer we gave him back at us. I couldn’t believe it, no one in Australia would’ve refused a free beer. How’s that story?

Pretty Badass