Photo: Bradlee Rutledge

My real name is… Andrew Fortenberry

But most people know me by… Berry or Drew

I am… 23 years old

I currently live… downtown Orlando, no more Lake Pickett 🙁 new house is sweet though

But would rather live… Port Macquarie Australia at Blaire’s place

Wakeskating… permagrin

Big wakes… eh not so much, I like em in between, better for shuv/bigspin tricks

Style… matters, and be yourself

Winching… gave freedom to wakeskaters

The Wakeskate Tour… Is the shit! Been on so many cool trips with those guys, love them all

I have always loved… the ocean

But most people don’t know… Jack

I’ll always regret… not sure I can think of anything

My biggest pet peeve… burning my mouth

Best roommate… the Goose (lucy the dog) when she’s not chewing stuff up… oh and Tom

Going downtown… used to be my thing, I’m not as about it anymore… I work too much

I become stressed when… I have to call service numbers and go through 30 automated things before I get a human

Island time… I was raised on it

I would like to thank… my parents, Nick Taylor, Tommy Wooten, Adam VanDyke and all the homies in 941, TX, LA, Jax, AUS, and anyone who has ever let me sleep on their couch along the way. Obscura Wakeskates, Liquid Force and everyone else involved in wakesakting.