It seems like the wakeskate shoe business must be a tough one. DVS dipped its toes in (pun intended) for a bit and has since pulled the plug on its entire wake team and wesbite. Adio launched a devoted wakeskate shoe, and is now going through some major, um, changes and we can only speculate about the future of the brand. Now obviously these things may not be related to their wakeskate shoe programs (and Nike seems to be doing quite fine with its Air Mogan Wake edition), but let’s say for the sake of this argument, they are. Apparently the cost and resources needed to develop and product wakeskate shoes are just too great for a little companies such as Podium or K2 to manage. Sad really.

For that reason I can’t say I am surprised Osiris, a much smaller company hasn’t dabbled into a wakeskate specific shoe. Recently though I received in the mail a pair of the Osiris’s Serve V and dare I say, they might as well be official wakeskate shoes. Here are my arguments for a rebranding of the shoes from “Osiris Girls” to “Osiris Wake.”

-Canvas outers—don’t know about you but I am convinced canvas breathes really well and dries quickly.
-Super grippy insoles. Check these things out, it’s almost like they are made to channel water.
-Low profile design. So they don’t get bogged down with a ton of extra water.
-Vulcanized sole. Super grippy.
-Metal grommets. The leather won’t stretch around the laces so the only way they’ll rip is from your kickflips.

Of course there is a catch. These are technically girl’s shoes, and I guess they didn’t make the black colorway I am so fond of for production, but the black and white gingham is pretty sweet too. Anyway, this is what I’ll be rocking to wakeskate this summer, as likely will Osiris Girls team riders Stef Tor and Steph Wamsley. I know my steez is your major concern, but the best part is they retail for $47.

For more info check out the Osiris site.

PS. Turns out DVS is still making wakeskate shoes, so don't get your panties in a bunch. According to Jim Leatherman, "we have a mega project coming up for the wake shoes right now."