These board shorts showed up at my door awhile ago, but I felt like before it was fair to review them, I should participate in at least two extreme sports while wearing them. Obviously wakeskating made sense, but what would be the second extreme sport? Well, I don’t surf, and if I wore board shorts skateboarding I’d have to kill myself, which only left one option: snowboarding. So I wore these babies under my snowboard pants the last time I went, and holy crap! Why have I not been doing this for years? So not only do they keep my bottom warm, but the material dries quickly, preventing the miserable soggy-butt car ride back home.

Of course for wakeskating the criteria was different, and they passed on that front as well. The material they are made out of is one of my favorite—super stretchy but still fast drying. Perfect for that first set back from the winter when my bathing suit mysteriously no longer seemed to fit. Also, black is very slimming.

My only complaint is the nylon drawstrings didn’t like to stay tight and the aglets (yeah that’s what those plastic things on the ends are called) fell off almost immediately. But I’ll let that slide cause the key pocket actually seemed pretty secure. I didn’t test it out cause I only had those giant rental car keys that are tethered together and electronic when I was riding, but I feel pretty good about it. Overall, a solid pair of board shorts that fit my female physique much better than the men’s ones I used to try and squeeze into.