The wakeskate world is full of such great events right now… already this year I can sniff out the winds of progression blowing something fierce.  I am pretty bummed out that I had to miss the madness of Ben Horan's "Ragin' Pull" event, but it's not that often that you're older sister gets married! (well, let's hope it's not so often), so I was of course attending that last night and enjoying myself quite thoroughly.  On top of that, Keith Lant (my partner in crime at Scene One), just called to inform me that he is driving down Manatee Avenue right now on his way to Anna Maria Island to eat at a little food establishment down there known as Skinny's.  If the opportunity to go there ever lands in your lap, I urge you to take action and make it happen.  Keith is going to be down there til Tuesday or Wednesday filming the crap out of Stu Shinn and those other crazy kids.  No doubt that what will be going down is nothing less than mind-blowing.  These are the glory days of wakeskating, people, take it all in and go out there and SHRED your little hearts out!