Being part of some of Red Bull’s projects is like having some of your crazy childhood daydream fantasies come true. Want to go play on some icebergs? Ok, let’s go. Want to try to make something fly off the end of this giant pier? Go for it. Caves are cool, what do you say we go wakeskate inside of one? Enter the Lost River Cave edition of Red Bull Winch Sessions. Brian Grubb, Ben Horan, and Andrew Pastura all got to head to Bowling Green, Kentucky to do some spelunking, Red Bull style and Alliance was there to capture the madness. Here is a sneak peek at some of what went down in the middle of the night on this one-of-a-kind wakeskating mission.


Check out the June issue of Alliance for the full story behind this rendition of the Red Bull Winch Sessions, and of course you can catch the video right here.