Photos by Sim Bradley (unless otherwise noted)

How old are you and where are you from?

I’m 18 years old and live in Peterborough in England.

How did you get so good at wakeskating living in England?

I’ve always done a lot of skateboarding and just took progression from that as well as watching wakeskate videos like Fun Boots and Aquafrolics.

What’s the wakeskate scene like in England and who do you ride with?

The scene over here is small but its gradually getting bigger and better with more little kids getting into it. The main thing we have for wakeskating is ThinkTank Wakeskate Jam where all the top wakeskaters in the UK can meet, hang and ride the setup thats been built for us. I ride at BoxEnd cable park in Bedford and go to other cables and places to ride when I can. This summer I rode with Reed Watson, Liam Smith and Terry Hannam and we did a mini tour of various winch spots in the UK, this was organised by Sim from Alliance UK and this was a lot of fun getting to ride with the guys at different locations.

Someone might question your skills in the video as the wake you ride behind is on the smaller side… You think you could get even more boosted behind a Big Ol’ wake?

Yes mate, I do enjoy riding the big wake when I can and just progress by taking the tricks from a small wake, as it gives me more time in the air I just need to have a couple of sets to get used to it after riding the ski boat.

How long have you been coming to Clermont, FL to ride?

We’ve been coming to Clermont for 2 years now and go out about 2 or 3 times a year. I did some riding in Orlando with Cobe and Tarah Mikacich and Jon Bemis in February this year but it was so cold I rode wakeboard most of the time, but was great fun with the guys.

Who are some riders that you look up too and like their style or approach to wakeskating?

On boat it would be, say Stu Shinn and Danny Hampson, then I like watching Nick Taylor and Andrew Pastura’s style for sure.

What are your plans for next summer with wakeskating?

Well I want to push myself a bit more, with my riding in all aspects and get out to Orlando a bit more as well as do some contests in other countries. I come out with my family next mid march for a month then I’m going to be staying another 2 weeks with my bro so we can travel around a bit more to Orlando. Right now in England the winters cold so ill be doing a bit of wakeskating and more skateboarding.