From the first time I watched Esoteric with my good friend Kyle McCutcheon, I knew that I wanted to create the same feeling that Dave and Keith achieved when you watched that film.  Good vibes, all around.  Granted, I was a total newb when it came to editing and filming, but I was bent on the art.   I bought my first video camera January of last year and set off the next day to Anna Maria Island for my first film trip.  After one weekend with Nick, Andrew and Stu, I couldn’t stop thinking about wakeskating.  A year or so later, after countless trips to Ocala, a handful of Island visits and nonstop soul sessions on Georgia… Scallywags was alive.

I decided to have a low key screening with close friends and some new faces.  Saturday was a chill day for the most part.  We rode all day but I wouldn’t let anyone shred their own board.  Doubles, all day. The kid who was supplying the projector kind of bailed on us last minute, so we rigged up an old junker and made it happen.  As the play button was pressed, raindrops came down upon us, causing audio cut out in the first part!  The boys were on it immediately and came through big; it was smooth sailing from there. I was just stoked on everyone who came and enjoyed the video!  Cake was graced upon us, which didn’t last long, and that just led to mini ramp shredding and definitely lots of soda pop consumption.

I had some of the best times of my life filming this video and learned something new everyday.  There wasn’t a time that I wanted to be doing something else.  I want to thank the riders, the Schwaller family, Sam Langley, Andrew Fortenberry, Nick Taylor, Andy P, Dave and Keith for letting me in on the Fun Boots! fun, Chris Zachary, McCutch, Andrew Dematos and everyone that’s helped drive or film!  Vacation (Cali?) is calling my name but as soon as I get back, filming begins for the next video.  Keep an eye out!

Check the teaser here.