Leaving Michigan to go to Florida is definitely something to look forward to when you're staring out the window everyday and it's too wet to skateboard, and there's still ice on the pond. So leaving to stretch my legs and get warmed up is top priority. The transition from the Florida Keys back to chilly Michigan, though, is a little rough. Lately I've been staying at the devotid shop up here, working on some clothing graphics and finishing up testing on the '09 concave board. A few more minor tweaks and it'll be ready for production.

I rode everyday in Florida no problem, with an over abundance of people to ride with daily. In Michigan most people are ready to ride as soon as the ice breaks, sometimes you have to help the ice break itself to get a good pass in with the dry suit. But this year I was lucky enough to miss that whole ice breaking time while i was in Florida. When i got back i was pleasantly surprised to get about 2 weeks of solid warm days (when there wasn't a breeze) and the ponds thawed out.

in the past week i got 2 solid sets, courtesy of Mario C and Kevin's other riding buddy Rob Rankin. Rob is the cool dude you see cruising the lake, pullin' his buddies behind a weighted out boat just having a good time, even in the cold. Mario just got a house on a Lake in Lakeville, MI. The lake is money, the water warms up fast and the house has a bad ass view of the sunset. Things are looking up here in MI, and I tip my glass in cheers to the summer starting and putting the wetsuits back in the shed.