The Internet seems to be getting progressively more awesome these days. There are so many wakeskate-specific sites and blogs it's getting tough to keep them all straight, but here are a few of our new favorites.

We already mentioned Andrew Pastura's blog, Water Monsters, but I don't really think we can say it enough. This site rules!

As if there was any question, winching is alive and well in Texas (check the Clint Chronicals for more proof) and there are two blogs that really prove it– Creative Juices and Wet Signature. CJ is a crew blog from some local Texas riders (including one of the winners of the AWS and CWB Best Trick Contest) and WS belongs to none other than Clint Tompkins himself.

Of course, we shouldn't discount Wakeskate Bomb, which is a great blog from our friends in Europe, that has been around longer than the rest.

And foreign countries are generally awesome. The next site we like comes from Canada, and is the brainchild of Ally Boothroyd. Throw It Down! is all about women's wake sports, and even if you are not fully behind women's wakeskating, well, they wear bikinis, don't they.

Finally, another site has popped up that has greatly simplified web browsing for us: the wakeskate feed. This one feeds all the sites we mentioned as well as videos from Vimeo and a bunch of other blogs as well. Sort of like one stop shopping for wakeskating.

And this list barely scratches the surface of what's out there, so between this and XBox 360, you have no excuse for being bored this winter!