This past Saturday at Base Camp I attended probably the most fun contest I've ever been to, Slide Her Til She Freezes Over hosted on the slider lake at Base Camp… it is a team format with 1 team from each heat moving on to the finals, this year there were 13 teams with each requiring 1 wakeskater and teams were required to have a uniform or costumes.

 Although this was not ALL a wakeskate event, there was still a lot of wakeskating. Myself, Addison Farr and Scott Boysen were the DAGGERS. (watch the movie Thrashin') Evan Reid, Jeff Engen and Chris Hau made up the Sattelyte team Duct Tape. (they found out about the costume part when the arrived and all they could find was the duct tape)these were the 2 wakeskate only teams. There were a few other honorable mentions for skaters from the other teams, Connor Dudgeon rode as Grimace, one of the MacDonald's friends team along side Dan Hughes as the Hamburgler. Yan Lecomte was on the O'neill team with Oli Derome and Didier Godbout.

Throughout the day a lot of riding went down including some huge wallrides and a lot of layback slides. Engen got right to the top of the wallride for the biggest backside lipslide Ive ever seen on a wallride like that. I did a shuv off a rail on a fish board and Connor hit pretty much everything in the grimace costume with 1" eye holes in his costume.

In the end there was never a true winner, we all really just came out fr a good time but the O'neill team pretty much ripped the park a new one so I guess we declared them the winners.