So I was docking my boat yesterday, when all of a sudden I heard a familiar “whats up bru”. I looked to my left only to see Dieter sitting on my neighbors dock. I looked at him very confused, wondering how he got there. After I was done being weirded out at the fact that he and his roommate Mikey had just randomly appeared next door, I realized that this meant we now had 2 boats, and could do some chase shooting. I was very excited as it was a perfect day and I don’t get the opportunity to shoot chase boat much.  But, my excitement quickly subsided as the dark clouds and wind began to roll in the second we got on the water. On top of that, I managed to some how idle over my rope, which obviously put yet another damper on the whole scenario. I am hated by the wakeskating gods and should have known that they could never allow this perfect session to take place.  However, despite all the complications, I did manage to get a couple good shots, and thought I’d share this one of Diets boosting off the double up with the blogging community.  Let the hating begin….