Things have not gotten any less wintry here in Portland. At this point I'm sure you are saying, Brooke, this site is about wakeskating. We don't care that you are snowed in, especially since there is still wakeskating going on in Florida (lucky bastards.)

But here in snowy Oregon we are also doing our best to keep to stoke alive! Zak Stone texted me yesterday saying he was actually going wakeskating, and if the freeways weren't a big old mess, I would have gone down there to shoot (how many chances do you get to shoot wakeskating in your snowboard gear?) But things are pretty much shut down here. It's so bad that I couldn't even get my car out of the garage to make it to the mountain. 

Luckily, my friends have a truck and a sense of adventure so we figured, urban snowboarding is played. Let's bust out the handle and go wakeskating. Now I don't claim this to be any sort of new idea, in fact, our own Vince Whiteman has been innovating it for years.  But man, we had a good time. And I can only imagine what someone who is GOOD at wakeskating would be able to do. Aside from the fact you are going 5-10 mph and turning is near impossible, snow wakeskating is awesome! Check out our video here (the related video of Clint Gee is a bit more epic, action-wise.)