To our good friends at Alliance,

I have some good news, and some bad news. Good news first…

The good news is that I’m here to give you your own personal press release. This is just a little benefit that you can expect from the good folks at Remote. It’s the little things that matter. Things like a good hand shake at an event, or meeting. A phone call instead of the old dreary fax. This is our promise, and this is Remote.

The bad news however is that the team is absolutely buried with their new endeavor. Ben has been testing boards from 5am to 7pm every day for the last week. Andrew has been watching water flow for the last 36 hours up in our factory in Havre, Montana, and Silas is neck deep in paper work. Not to worry though. When forecasting future problems, as Silas does best, he quickly realized that it was time to bring in some extra help. After 2 full days of interviews just after Jan 1 to find the perfect secretary, yours truly came out on top…Andrew even referred to me as the “cat’s pajamas”.

So here’s a  little background on me. My name is Joanne Marble. I’m from Havre, Montana, born and raised. I was the accountant at Napa Auto Parts for the last 30 years, then retired for 3 years and traveled around the US in an RV. I mainly stayed at the Resorts of America, and some KOA’s during my time on the road. After 3 years of no work, I had to get back to doing something that made a difference, something that really mattered. When Remote hired me on as their accountant, I couldn’t have been more excited. It’s only part time so I will only be in the office from 6am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday. I have Sundays off.

With that said, you’ve probably already learned that the name is Remote by now. You’ve also probably already seen our logo in the first press release photo, along side our team that consists of Andrew Pastura, Ben Horan, and Silas Thurman. Silas is also the Brand Manager, heading up everything from team trips all the way to what Ben and Andrew eat for breakfast. We’ll let you use your imagination in regards to the types of products that we’re working
on for now, but just know that we’re working on getting product into your hands as soon as possible. It’s going to get really exciting, and we appreciate the support.

Joanne Marble
Remote Wakeskates / Secretary