By Braden Ioi, photo by James Mooney

If you can look beyond the sewage water and the random sketchy kids, this spot is really sick. It is located in Toronto, Canada and leads right into Lake Ontario. This creek has a few more spots too, if you keep following it up stream. One thing you are going to need a really big candle and either good friends to help carry or wheels on your winch. It’s definitely a pretty long walk through forest to get there.

Over all, the spot is pretty well set up for a session. There is good place to anchor the winch and pretty good starting place that is not too far from the ledge. Since the ledge is under a bridge, they had to dig deep to make a foundation for the bridge, so the water is super deep right beside the ledge, around 6′ or so. It gets shallow really quick though, at the end of the ledge is around waist deep.

Aside from the awesome murals, another good thing about this spot is the bust factor actually is really low. When we got there, there were three random kids who had a hammer and a can of paint hah, but they were stoked on it. The second time there were kids asking us if we were painting and ended up throwing a large boulder at us, but they were stoked on it after seeing it.  Both times we were there for a couple of hours and didn’t get booked. If you’re ever in Toronto you should check it out!


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