I don’t really know if that is the true name of this spot but it should do. This is another spot we came across on our winch trip throught the Southeast featured in Alliance 10.3. If you haven’t realized by now you should probably go pick it up.  Anyways this is another one Sawyer Davis’ spots and he and Kyle Walton were kind enough to take us there.  The spot is in a pretty remote part of Alabama and getting the winch to it is a huge pain in the ass. We had to take it down a hill, across some unlevel rocks and then lift it up on too a small cliff.  About an one hours worth of work so it was full commitment.  Kyle and Andy P. were the only ones to hit this spot as we wanted to keep the ball rolling.  The hardest part about this spot is the fact that you have to walk back into a pitch black pipe, not too mention the fact that it’s slippery as hell walking back.  Once back there the winch driver has to wait for you echoed “Go” to get the pull started.  If you ollie early you are bound to smack your head on the pipe as the clearance is only about 7 feet.  Both Andy and Kyle killed it at this spot doing fronside 180’s, shuv variations, and front bigs.  Getting the winch out of there proved to be a little easier as we tied handle to a tree at the top of the hill.  Work smarter not harder.