aka Club Med de la Mosquito

by Sawyer Davis

This spot was found in passing. We were bouncing around deep in rural Alabama, and on our way to an old cotton mill in Prattville, for a trip in the latest issue of Alliance Wakeboard. As the local tour guide, I was in the lead, when I noticed I’d lost my follower. I turned around and went back to find Andy P’s truck pulled to the gate of the Fish Ponds.

On one side of the ponds an abandoned house, nearly falling in on one side. To the right was another building — the roof of which has almost completely given in to mother nature. Inside that building was an indoor pool, currently filled with some serious foulness. But the gap between the two ponds behind the house was very do-able.

Ben Horan, doing what he does. P/ Davis

The winch wasn’t even cool from the last spot, but the boys were ready. Horan went after it straight up and Hooker got a pole set up and went after that. Dieter however took a different angle. There is a pond to the far left a good 10-12 ft above the pond the guys were starting out of. He and Walton set up a 10’’ pipe to launch from, and he nearly did… Unfortunately his knee brace split his chin wide open and we were hospital bound before a make was made. Since there were some miles between us and the nearest hospital we stopped at the closest convenience store about 15 miles down the road. I got Dieter a few band-aids, some Neosporin and a beer and we ended up bagging the hospital.

Walt. P/ Davis

On another trip, Ben returned to visit Kyle Walton with Tyler Mangus, Bobby Regan. After some grist mill fun, we went to this spot. Tyler got a nice pole jam session in and got a nice bs 180. The kickflip has eluded all each visit, so close… but no one rode one out. Walton has returned to the Fish Ponds a few times of which I couldn’t make, but this spot in Alabama still has plenty of potential.

A side note: The second visit, I’ve honestly never been bitten by so many mosquitoes in my life. They must vacation there.