This spot in the middle of Alabama is an old abandoned Cotton Mill.  I’d seen and heard about this spot from Nick V. awhile back so I was stoked to hit this place up on our winch trip featured in the latest Alliance magazine.  Ben, Andy, Hooker, and Dieter all “surfed” the left that day that the “The Fountain City” constantly churns out. The setting is pretty surreal at this spot and though the bust factor seems high we made it out of there squeaky clean.  You certainly have to be weary of where you fall as it is pretty shallow and there is plenty of debris in the water that you don’t want anything to do with.  Big thanks to Sawyer Davis and Kyle Walton for pointing us in the right direction for this one.  Check out Alliance 10.3 for the best photos from this spot and many others we came across on our trip!

Ben Horan

Dieter Humpsch

Andrew Pastura