The Remote team was in full attendance on the first day of Surf Expo, however, their boards have taken a less punctual approach to the show and will be here on Friday. But Silas Thurman was kind enough to give us a run down and is claiming “the best rocker line in the industry.” When asked about the technical details of what made it unique, Silas explained it was know how and a talented team behind it, but most importantly a little touch of love. But seriously, the real thing that sets Remote apart this year is they are the only wakeskate brand with a full line of products including shirts, a vest, a handle, a skate bag, a Ben Horan-designed bambino hat, a hoodie and most importantly a tank top.



Hyperlite has made a few editions to its line for 2010. The first would be Chris Kallas, who was kind enough to give me the run down.  Like Byerly, Hyperlite has added wood decks to its line at long last. The Catalyst is now made from all natural (well more like mostly natural) materials. Grubb’s board is still a composite, but with a fancy new graphic. BT’s board is a bi level with a wood top deck and perhaps the sickest graphic in the line. It’s a beast of a board, but for the bigger guys it may just be the ticket.



While Liberation doesn’t have a booth at the show, owner and founder BJ Slater is roaming around showing off the latest Liberation skate. The board, he says, was created in about two weeks using the feedback received through the community board program.

The most interesting and unique thing about Liberation’s approach is to not produce boards in the typical once a season fashion but rather in small runs. This will enable them to take the feed back they receive on each model to change things as needed and then produce the next model. Currently their wakeskate comes in a 40.5 with 16.25” waist and 12”tip and tail.



Gator is boothless this year, instead they held a demo at Matt Maloy’s house on Clear Lake. Steve Campbell stopped by the show before heading over to BBQ and ride with  Doyle and the rest of the team.


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