Everyone has their routines for riding. The music they listen to, the way they choose who rides when, etc etc. But one of the most obvious differences between riders is what they call out when they are ready to go. Maybe you are happy with your current battle cry, or maybe you’re looking to mix it up. Either way here are some popular (and not so popular) ways to alert the driver it’s time.  

Yup– A classic, simple way to get things moving. This one is favored by all of the coolest pros who can’t be bothered to get out more than one syllable at a time. A nonchalant yup will let everyone know you know what you are doing before you even start riding.

Hit it– When someone calls out “hit it” it’s pretty obviously that they just switched to wakeskating from water skiing, so try and use this one sparingly.

Giddy up– This expression works to get horses moving, so it should also give the boat driver the idea. And being a redneck is so cool in wakeskating right now that you’ll fit right in.

Ready– This is a good, clear way to let people know you are ready. Unlike yup or other more ambiguous phrases, if you are a user of the phrase “ready” you are less likely to utter something that might prompt a false start, and no one likes those!

Do it– For the movie fan in all of us, “Do it” is the battle cry. Say it just like Ben Stiller in Starsky and Hutch and your buddies will think you are a comedian, and the boat will start moving. Win win!

Golpéelo– Say you have a bunch of girls in the boat and you really want to impress them. Well all girls like smart continental dudes, so use this one. It’s actually just “hit it” in Spanish, but no one will know you are actually a kook and you’ll sound so cool.

Let’s Jam– You know you wish you were in a band, or maybe you actually are. Either way, saying let’s jam is the most rocking way to get things going.

Just go– Everyone has those moments riding when it’s not really fun anymore. You’ve been trying a trick for so long and you just want to get it over with, that’s when you might utter go with that tinge of annoyance in your voice.

Could you please start the boat– People always accuse wakeskaters and action sport types in general of being rude and ungrateful. So using this polite manner of asking to go is a great way to fight those stereotypes. Of course, the driver will probably think you are retarded because generally the boat is already running, but what can you do.

Yes, please!– Another polite option, though this one is actually used. It’s actually the favorite expression to get started of the Aaron Reed (pictured above.)