It’s entirely possible that Nick Taylor has some sort of mind control technique he uses on his opponents. Because after landing just about every flip trick in the book, and going 2 for 2 on backside big flips and 3 for 3 on 360 flips leading up to the final showdown, Reed Hansen just couldn’t put it together when he met Nick. This is not to say he didn’t drop a few hammers (switch frontboard shuv anyone?) but he lacked the consistency that had gotten him there. Nick, on the other hand, rode flawlessly, sticking a switch backlip shuv and a perfect backside flip to take home the Rockstar Rail Jam title.

For the whole story, and a ton more photos, check out Alliance Wakeskate. 


1. Nick Taylor
2. Reed Hansen
3. Ben Horan
3. Brandon Thomas
5. James Balzer
5. Andrew Pastura
5. Clint Tompkins
5. George Daniels
9. Kyle Hyams
9. Brian Grubb
9. Yan Lecomte
9. Nick Harlos
9. Matt Manzari
9. Bret Little
9. Steve Campbell
9. Ross Gardner