We're sick of making you wait! We've known these for a month and just got word they are all official. So you can plan ahead, get the time of work, and do what you need to do!

Rockstar Winch Jam                         

Orlando Watersports Complex                 

Thursday & Friday – April 23 & 24

Rockstar Rail Jam                            

The Projects                                                  

Friday & Saturday – May 8 & 9

Rockstar Wake Jam                         

Correct Craft Corporate                            

Friday & Saturday – June 5 & 6

Rockstar Cable Jam                          

Orlando Watersports Complex             

Friday & Saturday – July 24 & 25

Here's the full release:

2009 Toe Jam Wakeskate Events Announced
Progression Of The Sport Takes Center Stage

April 1, 2009 — The Byerly Toe Jam announced its 2009 schedule of events today to include four stops, with all venues located in the Central Florida area.

With a goal from day one to showcase the sport’s most progressive riding, Scott Byerly knew it would be best in 2009 to create events that will attract the most participants and highest level of riding. Orlando was the answer. “A lot of today’s good riders already live here and it’s a great spot for wakeskaters all over the world to compete, get the exposure and experience a Toe Jam.”  

For the fifth year running, wakeskating’s biggest, most prestigious event series is not holding back one bit. The first stop will be the Rockstar Winch Jam, held at the Orlando Watersports Complex in Orlando, Florida on April 23-24. This event will coincide with the WWA Air Nautique Wake Games during the kickoff of the King Of Wake Series.

The second stop will be the Rockstar Rail Jam held at the Projects in Bithlo, Florida on May 8-9.  The Rail Jam is a head-to-head session with timed runs for each competitor on The Projects’ innovative rails.

The third stop will be the Rockstar Wake Jam, and it will take place at a new venue, Correct Craft’s Corporate Hedquarters near Orlando on June 5-6. Nautique has been a Toe Jam sponsor since day one, and the corporate headquarters is the ideal setting for a wake battle among the finest riders.

The fourth stop comes full circle back to The Orlando Watersports Complex with the Rockstar Cable Jam on July 24-25. This final stop will also determine the Season Title winner of the Toe Jam Tour, the highest competitive accolade in wakeskating. 

Scott Byerly would like to thank O’Neill and Rockstar Energy Drink for their undying support of the Toe Jam as well as Arnette, Nike 6.0, Hyperlite and Correct Craft. “Without these guys, there would be no Toe Jam as we know it and a lot of them have been behind it since day one.”

To follow the Toe Jam event series or to register for events, stay tuned to http://byerlytoejam.com