While most of you boys were basking up the sun and enjoying the Toe Jam this past weekend, it snowed here in Vancouver.  One thing that is nice about living on the west coast is our mild temperatures but even that sometimes can’t keep us away from the stereotypical Canadian winters.  For the past few years I’ve been able to get riding pretty early than most, usually around February is when the temperatures start to go up.  But, unfortunately the start of this season was a bit of a let down for me due to some injures.  With a damage report of a broken knee cap, broken leg, blown out ankle, scoliosis of my lower spine and knee surgery in a matter of 12 months seems to be the main reason I was sitting on the couch not riding.  After some good hours put into physio looks like it should be time to get back on the water and do what puts a smile on my face!
I am currently sitting in the Vancouver Airport waiting for my plane to Toronto and then a few more hours and I will be back in Orlando.  I’m heading down for around 12 days to ride the Cable for the first time and I am really excited.  Hopefully this time around Florida will be a little more friendly and I won’t be going home with a $3000 medical bill.
p.s. good luck to the guys who are riding in the Wake Games this weekend!