San Antonio, TX

by Reed Watson

When the first Toe Jam stop in Texas came around I decided that I wanted to drive tout here and bring my winch along. My good friend Gabe Paulson flew down a few days early to San Diego to attend in some wakeskating activities, visit, and join along in the journey east. We left late one afternoon to make an 18-hour drive through the night to Texas. We arrive to a spot at 7am, which I had found earlier on google maps. This spot didn’t look that great though, and we decided to move on. We saw this water way and knew there had to be something else, so we continued our searching. There was another spot we came across, but it had several rocks throughout and decided to keep looking. After getting lost in a neighborhood and passing through a ghetto park, we ended up at a water drop. With little sleep and being exhausted, we decided to go to Denny’s to eat and then find a hotel for a few hours sleep.

After we got some rest, we decided to drive 30 minutes back to San Antonio to see what this new spot had to offer. This spot had plenty of takeoff and landing, had about a 6-foot drop, and had about 2 feet of water to land in. This spot seems like you could session it anytime you want. Gabe, Steve Campbell, and I went there twice with no hassles. This spot also has a pool that you could carve around into an ollie out over a small gap. There is a little flat bank with water flowing on it that you could slide around if you want. Also there is some cement that you can wax up to slide. We didn’t session all the spots, but I’m sure this isn’t the last time that we’ll be here. There are a few dead posoms floating around here though that might change your mind about this spot.

Thanks to Epic Boats for helping out with the trip.


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