Matt Hooker headed to Remote after big surprise in Wakeskate industry draft Yahoo! Buzz
Live from Florida Today 7/21/10

Orlando — It looks like Matt Hooker’s great steeze and loveable style have finally paid off. He’s been pulled into the bigs by none other than “Remote Wakeskates” the current leaders in wakeskate “innovation” and overall “fun vibe” says US weekly.

Matt Hooker has been on our radar for sometime now, and with his current status in the industry we knew we had to stop kicking the tires with Matt. If we let him slip through the first round it was for-seen that a big monopoly company would pick him up, sign him to a mediocre three year deal and we would never hear from Mr. Hooker again. Silas Thurman Team/ Brand Manager Remote Wakeskates

Remote paid a strong price to get Hooker, giving up a second, third and fourth round draft picks to Hyperlite, Oak, and Liquid Force who are all trying to get the next “contest winner” providing info that this is better than a “core rider” or “style rider” for overall board sales.

“That will be exciting to be honest,” Hooker said of his pro career moving to a team that he feels he’s really apart of. “I’m just going to do what I’ve been doing. Go in there and get some playing time and just get better. Be part of a franchise and a great organization. That’s what I’m excited about.”

Hooker said he wasn’t surprised that some of the larger companies passed on him.

“I had only met with a few of the other companies a couple of times and it was at an office where they make tubes and orange vest I didn’t really get it I guess ,” .

Hooker chuckled when asked about a pro model board coming up in the near future for him, Hooker said and I quote “If they want me to ride a banana peel that’s what I’ll do.” end quote.

A little after 12:00 pm Wednesday, the hearts of wakeskate fans collectively skipped a beat when Remote selected Matt Hooker with the third pick of the Professional Wakeskate Draft.

Hooker said he talked with Remote’s TM Silas Thurman almost right away and he called his Family excited and looking forward to the future ahead.

VIDEO: Dropping at end of the week
DRAFT TRACKER: Matt went in the first round at 11:47 Eastern time on 7/21/10
ROUND 1 ANALYSIS: The pick was believed to be in the best interest for Remote and the best long term interest for young Hooker