If you are part of the million viewers that watched Rob and Big, you would know that Rob Dyrdeck got famous mostly because of his dog that actually skateboards. Sure you could credit his actual skateboard career, but I'm going have to say it was actually the amount of dog lovers that watched his show. In the same grain, not many people know yet that Kyle Hyams has been training his dog to wakeskate.

Kyle knows you probably can't make millions wakeskating, but if you had a dog that wakeskated and could get like the billion dog lovers to watch your dog wakeskate. So congratualtions Kyle for finally figuring it out!

Dont worry PETA, no animals were harmed in the pictures. Kyle assures me that when out on the lake his dog has the appropriate PDF.  So next time your crusing around the Maitland chain and you see a dog wakeskating, you'll know who it is.