Thinking of taking Andrew Pastura out on a date? Think you know what it takes to get him in the sac? Potatoes and Brocolli would be a good start: Get to know a few of the Ohio native’s favorite things in “This or That.”


Tornado’s or Hurricanes:  Hurricanes. Bring the rain!


Beer or Liquor: Liquor, I’m not really into beer…


 Meat + potatoes or fish and broccoli: Potatoes and broccoli, I’m vegetarian.


Shoes or sandals: Shoes, dumb question.


Board shorts or cut-offs: Whatever is dry. usually regular shorts though, I’ve had some ball smacks in thin board shorts.



Andrew Pastura protecting the sac in a thick pair of cut-offs at Battle Falls.



2 wheels or 4: Skateboards are my favorite. Bicycles are great too.


Socks or no socks: Socks! Nobody likes sticky feet.


If you had to have one arm amputated: left or right:  I’m right handed so probably my left. I’d have to start riding goofy.


Soccer or football: Soccer is cooler I guess, I’m not into either though.


Blondes or brunettes: brunettes probably.


Florida or California: Florida is great! I’ve only been to California once for the coming up trip, it was awesome!


Ass or titties: 1.ass 2. breasts



Backslide flip up. I wonder if he’s wearing socks right now? Maybe they’re those tiny ones for grannies that you just can’t see…?


Frontside or backside: I’m down for both!


 Winch or two tower cable: Winch!  Winch trips are the best. Cables are fun though too!


 Bar or club: Wherever the girls are at! Haha probably the bar.


 Mountains or beach: Both are essential.