It seems like just yesterday that Dieter Humpsch had arrived to the United States to sleep on all of our couches and make our women melt with his irresistible South African accent. He’s come a long way since then. He’s landed several legit sponsorships, one lucky lady, the cover of our magazine, and over 400,000 views on his Noisia Vision wakeskate video trailer. For these reason’s we decided to feature him in today’s This or That feature. 


Dieter, Which would you rather and why?


Mashed Potatoes or Mac n’ Cheese: Mashed taters. I’ve always been a fan, plus they are more fun to throw.

Shoes or sandals: My Teva sandals for sure. I like to give my toes a chance to enjoy the great outdoors just as much as I do.

Sun Up or Sun Down: Sun up. When I can get up and enjoy it.

Two Wheels or Four: Four, the 2 with the engines get scary

Hunting or Fishing: Fishing, can’t handle the dead factor in hunting. Catch and release is where it’s at.

Nails or Screws: Screws. They’re easy to get out and use again!

RC – Gas or Battery Power: Battery power is way smoother for capturing videos!

Mustache or Flavor Saver: mustache. It runs in the family.

Downtown Orlando or Downtown Disney: Downtown Disney. They have arcades and it’s way closer to home.

Golf or Soccer: the older I get the more I swing towards golf, but soccer was my grommet game coming from South Africa.

I Gap – System 2.0 or Winch: System 2.0 is super fun if u can set it up, but will always have love for the winch…

Drive or Fly: Fly. Good vibes, good people watching, and if we get lost it’s not my fault.



Dieter has perfected the benihana as well as countless other wakeskate tricks like wake to wake kickflips and frontside flips, grab and pokes that make wake boarders jealous among countless others…So here’s to you Dieter…Cheers “Bru!”


Noisia Vision trailer coming in hot with 440,001 views thanks to you…