Friday morning the Pro Wakeskate quarter finals went down at the Tige Pro/Am.  There were only 10 riders who signed up for Wakeskate so to make things mellow, the judges decided to let the riders through down instead of cutting anyone.  The stand out rides came from Reed Hansen, Stu Shinn and Brian Grubb.  Reed went out and just laid it down like it was the finals, back to back 3’s, w2w late shuv, frontside big and a fingerflip to top it off.  Grubb showed his domination on the boat and Stu went probably the biggest out of everyone for the day.

Here are the results from today’s riding, not that it means much but setting the riding order for tomorrows semi finals.  

Heat #1
1. Reed Hansen (USA) – 70.00
2. Stuart Shinn (USA) – 60.00
3. George Daniels (USA) – 50.00
4. Evan Park (CAN) – 40.00
5. Silas Thurman (USA) – 30.00
Heat #2
1. Brian Grubb (USA) – 73.33
2. Grant Roberts (USA) – 60.00
3. Brandon Thomas (USA) – 43.33
4. James Balzer (CAN) – 40.00
5. Gib Gibbons (USA) – N/S