3:13 PM
Final two Brian grubb vs Nick taylor

2:09 PM. The final four have been decided.

Nick Taylor vs Stu Shinn

Brian Grubb vs Reed Hansen


Here are the match ups for round two.

Stuart Shinn vs Brandon Thomas
Bret Little vs Nick Taylor
Brian Grubb vs Grant Roberts
Ross Gardner vs Reed Hansen

The Toe Jam tour officially made an official change today. Sean Dishman announced that the top 8 riders from the last event would now be seeded and the other eight riders would have to drawn from those 8 names. It?s sort hard to explain, but basically we won?t see anymore Reed Hansen vs Nick Taylor match ups in the first runs. Basically, the guys who?ve already paid their dues and proven themselves through Toe Jam competition will no longer have to qualify starting next year, and the brackets will be seeded. Anyway, it?s sort of confusing and it will all make sense over time. Here?s who?s riding against each other today in the boat comp.

Running Order

Heat 1
John Ruark vs Brandon Thomas

Heat 2

Gabe Paulson vs Stuart Shinn

Heat 3

Oury Yarbrough vs Bret Little

Heat 4

Danny Hampson vs Nick Taylor

Heat 5

Chase Gregory vs Brian Grubb

Heat 6

Grant Roberts vs Andrew Pastura

Heat 7

Ross Gardner vs Clint Tompkins

Heat 8

Aaron Reed vs Reed Hansen