I rolled into lovely Canada last night, where apparently, our money is now worth less than theirs. But other than that, it's shaping up to be a great stop for the Toe Jam tour. Only a few riders have been delayed by Hurricane Fay. Steve Campbell said his flight took right off despite high winds. A few cancellations today, but everyone should be here by tomorrow.

On site, Aaron Reed and Danny Hampson took it upon themselves to build a pool gap on the beach. Call it boredom or ingenuity, but either way, there is now a very deep pool leading into the waters of the Wasaga. This is officially the boat contest, but from the set up, it could very well be the rail stop too. In addition to the make-shift pool gap, there is a serious line of really fun-looking rails. The line up is two flat bars, inclines going both directions, a mellow a frame and a kicker. The official rail contest, which will qualify one rider for the final in Orlando goes down Friday, but there is talk of demos or maybe a best trick contest in the pool as well.

Should be a great weekend. Check back for the real time results all weekend long and of course stories, photos and videos each day, eh!

p.s. Stu Shinn is legal here. He asked if he could write a blog later tonight, and how could i say no to that!