Well, I am in Florida for the first time this year. It's nice to be somewhere warm and sunny for a change, and it's great to see how good everyone is riding already this year! I feel like I should write a little something about the Toe Jam, since James (who wasn't even here) and David took care of today, and Adam kicked ass last night. Oh yeah, and I basically let various people operate my camera today, which accounts for most of the photos. Don't make it like I am slacking, someone has to coordinate and post all this stuff you know! I am also compressing a little video I edited but it is taking so long! So here I am, 12:49 eastern time (luckily my body still thinks it's on the west coast), waiting for the video to finish (1:36 and counting…) Not gonna lie, I might not make it, but at least I am trying. And I will definitely get a video up first thing tomorrow morning.

Anyway, enough about that. Today's Toe Jam was definitely everything I expected and more. The weather was perfect, the riding was awesome, and Nick Taylor's tan was especially impressive. I have to give major props to Andrew Pastura (who seems to be accepting the Andy handle) for shredding especially hard. I found out after he killed it that he was actually considering not competing at all. But every Toe Jam needs a come-out-of-nowhere story, and Andy was this year's, so that was good to see.

Two more days of the contest, and then I'm going to hang out in Orlando for a few days, shoot photos, maybe even get to ride. Man, I am glad it's summer!