No one is ever going to call wakeskating an “individual” sport. Minimum it requires two people to take a set, and ideally more than that. But sometimes your need for bro support can get out of control. Jimmy brings his friend and cousin. Billy brings his girlfriend and her brother. You have to have your filmer and photographer, of course. Now your little brother wants to come out too. Before you know it, you’ve emptied all the ballasts and the wake still looks like the one at the Pro Tour. But that’s not the only reason to limit the bros on your boat. Here are a few more we’ve come up with so when you are trying to avoid a crowded boat, you can offer some valid reasoning.

1. Everyone wants to ride. That means less gas, and time, for your set.

2. Beware of too much testosterone. More bros is more people to bitch about your driving, or anything else there is to bitch about.

3. You are sure to end up with one one-upper. All that testosterone floating in the air is sure to make at least one of your friends feel the need to show off. Whether you let it get to you or not, it’s still annoying.

4. Before and after your set, it’s nice to relax, spread out, and enjoy the scenery. It’s tough to do that when you are crammed in the jumper seat with another dude.

5. You need room for a few chicks. Not only do they look better in bathing suits, but they will cheer you on and tell you you’re great. If they don’t, leave them, with the rest of your bros — on the shore.