Top 5 Moments of 2010 with Aaron Reed

5. Seeing The Guadalupe River flood.

I’d always heard about the way these flash floods happen in Texas, but this year I was a witness to it.  We saw boat after boat come down the 40 foot dam just upstream and float on by.

4. Danny Harf 1080

I saw Danny Harf land a 1080 at Brostock, first try.  Yeah he popped my 1080 cherry.

3. Obscura Team Film

Finally getting our first Obscura team video, “Washed Up Before We Were Has Beens,” done. It was a hell of a process that left us repeating the words “Never Again” on numerous occasions.  We only did it for the parties though, and the onslaught of premier parties that ensued was amazing!

2. Getting back on my board again.

After about 7 months of not riding, getting back on the water again was one of the greatest feelings I have had in a long time.  There is nothing quite like the feeling of landing down the sweet tranny after your first wake to wake flight in months.

1. The first anniversary of my wedding.

Yeah I know it’s cheesy, but after having surgery on my leg a week before our wedding, everything was kind of a blur on our big day.  We had to make sure and make the anniversary that much more memorable!

2010 has been an interesting year. The economy is finally turning around, young guns are throwing down like never before and the legends are continually push the progression of Wake-whatever-ing. It’s been an awesome year for all of us at Alliance too, with our tenth birthday as the icing on the cake. To help us celebrate Alliance’s ten year anniversary, we asked the riders to share their top five moments of 2010 with us.