Photo: Bryan Soderlind

Top 5 Moments of 2010 with Ben Horan

1. Kyle Walton ollie one of the biggest gaps

Watching Kyle Walton ollie one of the biggest gaps i have ever seen in all his regular cloths. you know pants and a sweater!

2. Winching in Ohio

Danger dam. the Pasturas house. its just really different up there not the same old south.

3. Heelflip Tricks

Learning heelflip tricks. I have been wanting to do them since day one!

4. Obscura championships.

We need more stuff like that for wakeskating!

5. Filming for more than machines.

all the trips were so sick. its my fav part i have ever had. and watching all the other stuff the guys did in the film. that shits going the put a whole new level on wakeskating.

2010 has been an interesting year. The economy is finally turning around, young guns are throwing down like never before and the legends are continually push the progression of Wake-whatever-ing. It’s been an awesome year for all of us at Alliance too, with our tenth birthday as the icing on the cake. To help us celebrate Alliance’s ten year anniversary, we asked the riders to share their top five moments of 2010 with us.