Top 5 Orlando Magic Players
1. Rashard Lewis
2. Mickael Pietrus
3. Isn't this more of a question for my Dad?

Top 5 things about having a 14 pound wakeskate
1. It does not have any characteristics of a kite.
2. It won't blow away.
3. It doesn't fly away when i shuvit.
4. I love it. It's easy to catch just like that 14 lb bass in my lake.
5. I miss it.

Top 5 reasons to have long hair
1. You look way more like an indian when you put your head dress on.
2. It makes you faster.
3. No hair cuts…ever.
4. I can't grow a beard.
5. Girls are jealous.

Top 5 politicians
1. George W. Bush
2. Hunter Scott (President in year 2026)
Top 5 wakeskaters
1. Matt Manzari
2. Andrew Pastura
3. Brian Grubb
4. Dieter Humpsch
5. Thomas Horrell (because he gets mad even when he does the best kickflip in the world)

Top 5 wake to wake tricks

1. 3 flip, Matt Manzari.
2. Backside 360 big spin, Stu Shinn
3. Backside big spin, Aaron Reed.
4. Frontside flip, George Daniels.
5. Backside Shuvit, Aaron Reed

Top five wakeboarders
1. Trevor Hansen (love my bro)
2. Danny Harf
3. Randall Harris
4. Keith Lyman
5. Eric Perez

Top 5 things about living at a wake camp
1. Girls come over…uninvited.
2. Always having a boat, jet ski, and rails to shred.
3. Running around barefoot.
4. Slingshots.
5. Always having people at your house that want to ride.

Top 5 things about Matt Manzari
1. He has a heart as gentle as a Mouse, but a spirit as restless as a Wolf.
2. He drives a Corvette.
3. He can grow a beard but can't grow long hair.
4. He is friends with Ronald Mcdonald.
5. He can jump really high. Like an Olympian.

Top 5 foods

1. Fried Gator
2. Venison Jerky
3. Elk wrapped in Bacon
4. Bacon wrapped in Elk
5. I did not just say those to sound cool….

Top 5 trucks
1. Single cab short bed 3500 Chevy, with a 350.
2. 2500 full cab, Duramax 6.6 liter.
3. S10, 3500 axle's  and re geared down to 513's.
4. The El Camino
5. Anything that isn't foreign.

Top 5 ways to annoy Brooke
1. Tell her that you hit a cat on the way home.
2. Make fun of the internet.
3. Tell her you will do her "top five" right away…. then wait…
4. Make fun of Portland.
5. Tell her your conservative.

Top five activities (other than wakeskating)
1. Mudding.
2. Welding.
3. Watching Wakeskaters socialize.  You should try it…its great.
4. I caught an owl the other day…that was neat.
5. Fighting Caribou

Top five travel destinations

1. Groveland FL.
2. Polk County FL.
3. Bithlo FL.
4. Sorrento FL.
5. Eustis FL.
Top five Indian fighting techniques
1. The Indian ways can not be told, only shown.

Top five eateries in Clermont
I don't live in Clermont, but if i had to choose some awesome stuff…
1. McDonalds in Groveland.
2. Jacks barbecue, Minneola
3. Brodus barbecue, Groveland.
4. Publix Sub's, Groveland.
5. Balzer makes a mean Pasta sauce, Clermont.

Top 5 winch spots
1. Whats a winch?
2. Ben's house.
3. Im sure the moon would be great.
4. Underground
5. I don't know, ask a turtle. They seem to hang out at winch spots most.
"They think I'm crazy, but they cant help but like me"  The Turtle Man.